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Costume accessories will take your amazing costume and make it truly unforgettable. offers every accessory imaginable. Whether you're looking from hats to footwear and everything in between, it's the finishing touches that make you to the talk of the party. Kids, don't forget your trick or treat buckets and bags! And parents, take comfort knowing your child is wearing or carrying one of our safety light accessories.

Even the best DIY aficionados need makeup and accessories to make their costumes shine. Our movie-quality makeup and prosthetics, for example, will leave you indistinguishable to your family and friends. Want to look like the most demonic devil or ghoulish gargoyle you've ever seen? We have you covered. Check out our Reel F/X line of products for the most authentic and jaw-dropping look you'll ever see outside of a Hollywood set.

Once you've chosen your costume and selected the right makeup and prosthetics, you'll want to complete your look for a costume prop or accessory. What is a cowboy without his gun and holster? Or a cheerleader without her pom-poms? Add a wig to your clown costume, or a hook hand for your pirate attire.  Whatever your choice of costume, our enormous variety of accessories will help you add authenticity to your look.



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