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300 Movie Costumes & Accessories

Prepare for battle, brave warriors! Our 300 Movie Collection pays homage to King Leonidas, Queen Gorgo, and the legendary 300 Spartans who stood against Xerxes and his Persian Empire. 

Don the iconic red capes, bronze helmets, and leather armor. Whether you’re leading a phalanx or just conquering the dance floor, these costumes scream “This is Sparta!” 

For the Persian elite, we’ve got Artemisia’s gold attire – fit for a naval commander. And Themistokles? His ensemble is as sharp as his strategic mind!

Queen Gorgo’s regal robes and her deluxe wig (because every queen needs fabulous hair) complete the ensemble. Rule like a true Spartan monarch!

So, grab your shield, unsheathe your sword, and let’s rewrite history – one epic costume at a time!



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