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Animal & Bug Masks

 Get ready to transform with our captivating collection of Animal and Bug Masks that will have you mooing...errr.... purring over the variety!

Do you love Madagascar films and tv series? Will this giraffe mask, you can stretch your imagination with this long-necked wonder. Channel the grace and curiosity of these majestic creatures and make the ultimate DIY Melman costume. 

Wise and mysterious, slip on this owl mask and become a nocturnal enigma. Hoot if you’re ready for adventure!

Or you can roar into action with fierce stripes and piercing eyes. Unleash your inner jungle predator with a tiger mask.

Buzz around in style with this fly mask. This blue mask with big eyes will have everyone laughing!

So, this Halloween, remember any of these animal or bug masks can either complete your ensemble, or stand out alone!



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