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Animal Tails & Ears Kits

Step into the wild with our captivating Animal Tails and Ear Kits! Prowl through parade, host whimsical parties, or simply unleash your inner critter!

Slip into feline elegance with sleek black ears and a swishing tail. Perfect for prowling the night as the classic Black Cat.

Hop into cuteness overload! Soft bunny ears and a cotton-ball tail—ideal for Easter or any day that needs a sprinkle of magic.

Channel the majestic grace of elephants. Our trunk and oversized ears will make you feel larger than life.

Stretch your imagination with giraffe spots and tall, spotted ears. Stand tall and reach for the leaves!

Be everyone’s best friend with floppy dog ears and a tail that wags with excitement.

Go wild in the forest with moose antlers. Just watch out for low-hanging branches!

Explore our animal kits and let the adventure begin!  So, which creature will you become today? 



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