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Arabian Costumes & Accessories

Unleash the Magic of the Desert and embark your flying carpet to the enchanting world of Arabian Nights with our captivating collection of Arabian Costumes and Accessories! With a touch of exotic flair, and bright, bold, beautiful colors to your wardrobe, these Arabian-inspired ensembles will transport you to far-off lands. 

Drift through golden palaces in flowing gowns adorned with sequins and veils. Our Arabian Princess costumes capture the allure of Scheherazade herself.

In the Sultan's turban and robe, you will command respect and authority with a majestic turban and richly embroidered robe. Rule over imaginary kingdoms or spice markets.

Shimmy and sway in vibrant coin-trimmed skirts, beaded tops, and jingling hip scarves. These belly dance outfits are perfect for captivating audiences or casting spells.

So, whether you’re dancing under moonlit skies, exploring hidden caves, or unraveling ancient mysteries, our Arabian costumes and accessories await your magical transformation! And who knows, maybe you’ll find your own Bollywood-inspired adventure along the way!



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