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Who are we?

First and foremost, thank you for visiting Halloween Costumes 4U has been around since 1985 and boasts decades worth of history and heritage that we strive to preserve. Halloween Costumes 4U is not your run-of-the-mill, multi-million dollar corporation.

Instead, we are small family-owned costume store with a true passion for all things Halloween. Because we love to dress up, our passion pours over in to Christmas, PurimMardi Gras, Comic-Con, Renaissance Fairs and so much more! Seriously, what isn't there to like about escaping the reality of daily life and taking on a new persona with a finely crafted costume?

How did Halloween Costumes 4U start?

Halloween Costumes 4U began in 1985 within an existing brick and mortar store, Wild Syde Clothing,  in Jackson, NJ. As an alternative clothing store for apparel with attitude, Halloween Costumes 4U was born out of request from our customers seeking ever-more outlandish and over-the-top clothing and accessories for the Halloween season.

In 2000, opened the first iteration of its online store. At the precipice of the world wide web, Halloween Costumes 4U was a pioneer in the industry, introducing thousands of costumes and accessories to people across the country! 

What's next for Halloween Costumes 4U?

As evidenced by this being our first blog post, we're making all sorts of advancements and improvements to our site! We've re-engaged our fans on Facebook and Pinterest, we're entertaining the world (mainly just ourselves) with our very own blog, and we've introduced a freshly redesigned website! To coincide with the relaunch of our site, we've introduced a new logo to commemorate our steps forward and pronounce our commitment to remaining fresh, new and modern, and to several more decades of Halloween fun!

Follow us through our blog and Facebook page for unique DIY costume ideas, Halloween-themed recipes that will have everyone in awe and all sorts of new, fun and exclusive content!

Say hello to our new logo!




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