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Predicting the Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017 - Halloween & Party Expo

Halloween Halloween 2017 Halloween Costumes Most Popular Costumes

Many of us are just getting over our year-end holiday festivities and, possibly, shoveling out from a snowfall, but the Halloween industry is just beginning to kick in to high gear. 

It usually comes as a surprise to hear that anyone is thinking of Halloween in January but, to us, the preparations begin in January with the New Orleans Halloween & Party Expo. To take part, we'll be flying to the Mardi Gras capital of the world tomorrow, Friday the 13th!!

To some, this dreaded day would be an omen to stay as far away from a plane as possible. To us, this is life's humorous way of saying, "Let the Halloween fun begin!" In all fairness, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th is, arguably, our most loved of the famous slasher films.

So what is that we'll be doing in New Orleans for this industry expo? Partying!!! Just kidding. We'll be scouting the year's newest costumes to bring you the best and most popular costumes of 2017! Before we head on down to the airport, we thought it would be fun to predict what we think will be the year's most popular costumes. 

We've compiled a list (in no particular order) of ten characters, movies or themes that we believe be among 2017's most popular costumes.

  1. Batman - The caped crusader had a busy 2016, starring in Batman v. Superman and a cameo in the breakout hit Suicide Squad.Batman won't be any less busy in 2017 with the family-friendly Lego Batman in February and Justice League in November. We don't expect to see Batman to fall from the top 10 with the ever-increasing excitement for superhero films.
  2. Spiderman - Your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman is a perennial Halloween favorite. Couple that with the impending release of Spiderman: Homecoming on 7/7/17 and we're certain Spiderman will been seen roaming sidewalks all across America on Halloween.
  3. Pirates - Ahoy matey! Pirate costumes make for a great Halloween theme. With options for kids and adults, Pirate costumes can be paired to make great couples, group and family costume themes. We also expect the May release of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to bring awareness back around the sea-fairing life of a Pirate.
  4. Star Wars - With Disney's acquisition of Lucas Films and the recent Star Wars film releases, the Star Wars franchise has reached a level of relevance never seen before. It's no surprise that Star Wars has been and will continue to be one of 2017's most popular Halloween costume themes.
  5. Disney's Belle - Disney Princesses Cinderella, Snow White and Belle have long been the three favorite Disney Princess Halloween costumes. We're expecting Belle to easily become 2017's favorite Disney Princess. I mean, seriously, who isn't excited for the live action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson???
  6. Ninjas - Creeping stealthily in the shadows, ninjas are an American pop culture fascination for both kids and adults. With swords, nunchakus and throwing stars, ninjas are a fun costume theme with even-more-fun accessories. Don't expect this trend to go anywhere.
  7. Power Rangers - Just like Beauty and the Beast, there's a significant part of the population that grew up on the Power Rangers. Those people, including several of us, are EXCITED for this year's Power Rangers movie. The first trailer looked awesome and we're hoping one of our favorite childhood TV shows is resurrected! Expect Power Rangers to make a Halloween comeback this year.
  8. Jason Voorhees - From the classic horror film Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees will forever live on as one of the most sought after Halloween costumes year after year. Encapsulating the fear, horror and darkness of the Halloween season, the mystery and imposing nature of Jason Voorhees makes for an awesome Halloween costume. A new film, releasing on October Friday the 13th, is sure to introduce a new generation of society to the iconic slasher film.
  9. Accessory Kits - Want to show your Halloween spirit without a full get-up? You're not alone. Accessory Kits are a great way to throw on a costume without throwing on a costume. Take the DIY approach and pair an accessory kit with something from your closet. We expect cats, devils and bunnies to be the most popular accessory kits, but you'll be amazed at the selection of inexpensive accessory kits that exist.
  10. Police Officers - This is another costume theme popular among kids and adults. Being a police officer or even a soldier or firefighter is a dream that we've all dreamed about at least once in our lives. The great part of Halloween is that we get to live out our inner dreams for a day. 

Well, there you have it! Our list of ten costume characters, themes or movies that we expect to be among the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017. We'll see at the New Orleans Halloween & Party Expo! 

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