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DIY Chucky Halloween Costume for Kids & Toddlers - Where and What to Buy

Child's Play Chucky DIY

After watching Child’s Play this summer, I have had the perfect costume idea for my son – CHUCKY!  I mean, how perfect is this costume for a scary movie-loving family with a toddler who doesn’t know anything about costumes?!  Of course, there is no great-looking Chucky costume available, so this is going to be a DIY costume. My main goals were authenticity, affordability, and convenience. For these reasons, I tried to combine items from the fewest stores possible. And, of course, support (since they give me my paycheck and all).

The Basics

First and foremost is the shirt.  A rainbow shirt is not something we have in our son’s closet.  If you start doing a quick search online, this seems impossible.  But has this perfect shirt. HC4U sells the Chucky shirt just for kids!  They start at size 18-24 months and go up to a kids 10-12. 


We already had overalls, but they are pretty easy to find this time of year.  We have the classic Osh Kosh B’gosh overalls.  They have a ton of options on their website (and they are on sale now!) You can also find overalls at Target, JC Penny, Kohl’s – pretty much anywhere during autumn.

UPDATE: Halloween Costumes 4U now offers these denim overalls.



The Finishing Touches

With the shirt and overalls, there will be no doubt that your son is Chucky.  But, if you want to complete the look, I found some additional accessories that really complete the look. Like the “Good Guys” patch.  HC4U offers this easy iron-on vinyl patch for a great price. 

For the hair, you have two options – a wig or spray.  There is no way our son will keep a wig on, so we are going to put temporary colored hair spray.  His hair is light brown, so the spray will work well. The spray also costs less than a wig. Win!

Orange Chucky Hairspray from


I am also going to (try to) get some makeup on him – hopefully he cooperates!  There are temporary tattoos, but I am opting for the old school makeup sticks. There are plenty of options on but for my toddler, these makeup sticks work just fine.


I purchased these cute sneakers from Target just because I liked them, but it totally works out perfectly to go with the Chucky look. (Another win!)

The final touch to this Chucky costume is the knife!  I am not sure how long he will hold it, but it really completes the costume.  Again,b the knife is another product from Halloween Costumes 4U -  But you gotta remember to take advantage of the 10% off coupon when you signup for the newsletter.



Now, if you have a little girl and you want to pair the kiddos up – check back soon for a DIY Chucky’s Bride costume!

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