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The Ultimate DIY Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume for All Ages - Where and What to Buy

A Nightmare on Elm Street DIY Freddy Krueger T-Shirt Costumes

Im back with more DIY Halloween Horror Movie Costumes! 

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the greatest horror slasher film series of all time. Since his debut in 1984, Freddy Krueger has been a perennial Halloween favorite and now it's easy to DIY thanks to the makers of this Chucky-inspired t-shirt. This option is much more affordable than the $30-45 that most retailers charge for the sweater. Like last year, my main goals were authenticity, affordability, and convenience. Again, I tried to combine items from the fewest stores possible. And, of course, still support (cause as you may remember, I work for them).Remember, click on the links or the photos to take you right to the product page! 


The Basics 

Freddy’s famous red and muddy-green striped shirt is not an easy find.  I'm sure most designers avoid that color combination because the Freddy Krueger look doesn’t exactly scream fashionable.  Luckily, has a Freddy-inspired t-shirt!  This shirt is offered in infants’, youths’, women’s and men’s sizes! And, what I like best, it’s made of cotton – not that itchy material that the other Freddy Halloween sweaters are made of. 



Black pants and black shoes or boots; these are staples in everyone’s closet. If you don’t have a pair, a quick trip to Target or Walmart will resolve that.  Or, if you prefer to shop online, Amazon has black pants and boots that meet all budgets.  


 The Finishing Touches 

The creepy razor glove and torn brown hat are a must to pull everything together.  You may already have a brown hat in your closet.  If you don’t, there are plenty of options out there.  I prefer this Official A Nightmare on Elm Streethat.  Like the hat, there are several options for Freddy’s razor glove.  I like this Official A Nightmare on Elm StreetDeluxe Freddy glove best. 




Freddy Krueger’s face is definitely a fright.  If you are up for wearing a mask, there are plenty to choose from – latex or vinyl? Overhead or ¾ mask? I think this one is great because the of detail around the eyes and the gross teeth. Unlike me, if you are talented with makeup you can always get this make up kit instead of a mask.  This kit isn’t just make up, it also includes face adhesive and prosthetic teeth. Either way, Freddy’s face will complete your DIY costume! 


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