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The Ultimate DIY Waldo and Wenda Halloween Costumes for All Ages - Where and What to Buy

DIY T-Shirt Costumes Waldo

Hello! So, I've already done a couple Horror movie DIYs.  But what if you aren’t into scary movies? The next few blogs are some good ol’ classic costumes that are simple and affordable DIYs.  You can choose to accessorize as much, or as little, as you want for these costumes and still look great! As I've mentioned in all of my other blogs, the goal is always: authenticity, affordability, and convenience; as few stores as possible, and to support my employer –! Remember, click on the links or the photos to take you right to the product page! 

First up are Waldo and Wenda from everyone’s favorite search and find book series Where’s Waldo?  HalloweenCostumes4U offers red and white striped shirts in infant, youth, women’s and men’s sizes.  That means the whole family can join in – even your pet. I am going to offer suggestions on what you need to make Waldo and Wenda, but for family and group costumes, you can alter some parts to “trick” your fellow party goers or trick-or-treaters. 


The Basics 

For Waldo and Wenda, you first need to purchase the classic red and white striped shirt. Again, this shirt starts with infants and goes up to adult sizes. One great feature about this shirt is that it is not a unisex shirt. So ladies, that means that it's a women’s cut shirt for you!  Another perk about purchasing this shirt is that it can be used again during the Christmas and Holiday season (come back as we get closer for more blog ideas!) 





Now, you can grab your favorite blue jeans from your closet for Waldo, and a cute jean skirt for Wenda.  Jeans skirts are popular again, but if you need to buy one, check out this one from Target for women or this one for girls.  After that, all you need are your favorite, comfy brown shoes to complete the basic look for Waldo and Wenda. 




The Finishing Touches 

Adding these next accessories will really complete your Waldo and Wenda costumesThe coordinating red and white striped hat is a perfect finishing touch.  If you are doing a family or group costume, you can have some people with the hat, and others without it.  The same can be said for the black-framed glasses 



Waldo is often seen with some, sometimes even all, of these accessories – his signature walking cane, brown messenger bag, and retro inflatable camera 


Wenda wears coordinating women’s red and white striped tights or girl’s tights. She is also sometimes pictured with a camera or carrying a parasol. 


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