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Honoring and Celebrating the USA

As the calendar turns to warmer months, it’s time to embrace the spirit of patriotism and celebrate our nation’s history. Memorial Day is a time to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. Show your respect with a patriotic ensemble. A few short weeks later, we celebrate our nation in our red, white and blue favorites! So, whether you’re attending a Memorial Day parade, honoring past presidents, or lighting up the night sky on the Fourth of July, we’ve got the perfect costumes and accessories to make your festivities unforgettable!



 Deluxe Uncle Sam Facial Hair - - Accessories 

Uncle Sam Disguise Kit   Deluxe Uncle Sam Kit       



Red Felt Top Hat                   Uncle Sam Stovepipe Hat                            Uncle Sam Top Hat

Liberty Torch Accessory     


 Uncle Sam, with his iconic red, white, and blue ensemble, strides in, his stovepipe hat perched jauntily on his head. 




Uncle Sam Kit               Kids Uncle Sam  



The Statue of Liberty glides in next, her robe flowing like a majestic river. Her foam headpiece gleams, and she holds her torch.


Womens Statue of Liberty              Girls Statue of Liberty

And then, Rosie the Riveter bursts through the door, flexing her biceps. Her denim jumpsuit is adorned with rivets, and her red bandana keeps her hair in check. “We can do it!” 



Are you looking to include your furry friend in the upcoming 4th of July festivities? Look no further! Dress up your pet's collar with a flag-inspired design to show off their patriotic spirit. These collars come in various sizes and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for your furry companion. Go all out with an Uncle Sam top hat for your pet! Make sure to capture the moment with some adorable photos to cherish for years to come!




 Patriotic Collar              Uncle Sam Hat with Beard

Remember, these costumes aren’t just for adults—kids and pets can join the festivities too! Whether you’re paying homage to fallen heroes, historical figures, or the birth of our nation, wear your patriotism proudly. Let the celebrations begin!

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