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Hop Little Bunny

Spring is in the air, and that means it's time to start planning your Easter outfit! Whether you're attending a church service, hosting a family gathering, or simply enjoying a festive brunch, dressing up for Easter adds an extra touch of joy and celebration to the day. So, why not make this year's Easter outfit your most stylish yet? Here are some alternative bunny costumes and DIY dress up ideas to help you create a look that is as vibrant and beautiful as the season itself.  


No Easter outfit is complete without the right accessories, and we have just about every accessory you can think of! There are your classic bunny tails, bunny ears, bunny feet, and cute bunny noses! Or, go the extra mile in with a 3D bunny mask. Don't forget a bright fake carrot which adds a small, cute addition to any bunny costume. These joyful details will not only enhance your outfit but also showcase your personal style and creativity.


 White Bunny Feet Shoes - - Accessories    

        Bunny Feet                                        Bunny Nose                                Bunny Tail                      Bunny Ears Headband


                                 Brown Bunny Ears Headband                              Rabbit Mask                  Carrot Prop


Any one of these bunny kits will make for a cute bunny look, as well.  Each kit includes bunny ears, tail and bowtie. 
Next are the Energizer Bunny Costumes for girls in three different styles! The first costume is the teens Energizer Bunny which includes a pink long sleeve dress with the Energizer Bunny logo and an attached grey tulle mini skirt, pink furry leg muffs, black flip flops, and the bunny ears headband with little bow detailing. Sizing for this costume is in teens small, medium, and large. The next style is the girl's Energizer Bunny costume which comes with the same long sleeve dress concept with sliver seem detailing and a pink polka dotted polyester skirt with attached capri pants. This costume also includes the furry bunny ears headpiece, and a pair of furry shoe covers. The sizes for this costume are kids T2, T4, and small. Lastly is the kid's pink jumpsuit costume with printed Energizer Bunny logo, a pink furry bunny ears headband, and one pair of furry shoe covers. Sizing for this costume comes in T2, T4, small, medium, and large. 
       Kids Energizer Bunny Costume
Want to see the most adorable bunny this year! We have an infant's bunny costume in both blue and pink. Each costume features the jumpsuit with bow detailing, the headpiece with long droopy bunny ears, and a carrot rattle. Sizes for this baby costume include 0 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, and 12 to 18 months. This precious little bunny is ready to hop right into your arms! You can't forget about a little duckling, either! Embrace the quirkiness, the fluffiness, and the sheer adorableness of this Easter must-have. Your little one will thank you (and so will everyone who sees them)! Quack, quack!
Precious Pink Rabbit                       Handsome Lil' Wabbit                         Plucky Duck
Make it a pair when you dress up your child or yourself as this hearty vegetable carrot costume! The adult carrot costume is a standard one size fits most, the kid's carrot costume comes in small and medium/large. The infant carrot costume has sizes in infant and toddler, while the infant or baby carrot bunting costume is fitted for babies 0 to 3 months.   
                        Kids Carrot                          Toddlers Carrot                     Baby Carrot 


Since everyone is looking their Sunday best this Easter, we must not forget to include your four-legged friend! Accessorize your pet's outfit with this sophisticated white Easter bonnet hat with floral detailing. Don't be shocked if your cat starts hopping around with these adorable pet bunny ears on! All accessories shown are sized for both small to medium and medium to large pets.
Pets Easter Bonnet Hat                   Pets Bunny Ears
With these tips and ideas, you're ready to create a show-stopping Easter outfit that will make you feel fun, confident, beautiful, and ready to celebrate. Remember, Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings, so let your outfit reflect the joy and excitement of the season. Happy Easter and happy dressing up!

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