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Festive Fiesta!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture, and what better way to join the fiesta than by dressing up in festive costumes? Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a pet-friendly event, or simply want to add some flair to your day, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll explore a colorful array of Cinco de Mayo sombreros and ponchos for adults, kids, and pets.


Mexican Sombrero                         Oversized Mexican Sombrero

 Embroidered Straw Sombrero        Sombrero with Rainbow Serape Edge

Costumes Kit

Kids Poncho



Gold Sombrero                      Mexican Sombrero               Black Sombrero

        Serape Poncho

With these fun ideas, you can have a memorable Cinco de Mayo celebration with your friends, family and pets!

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