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100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is quickly approaching! Many elementary schools often celebrate by asking students to dress as a 100-year-old senior citizen. This is a fun day for the kids and an easy DIY for the parents as the outfits can usually be put together with clothes you already have in the closet. To complete your son's and daughter's elderly look, here are a few items that will add the finishing touches.  


Any of these selections will have your child looking like an older gent or gal for this year's 100th Day of School. We have a child's bald man or balding wig, a curly grey hair half wig with a stretchy elastic band. Then there's the Aunt Gertie Wig: a grey short hair wig with pink rollers attached to the hair. A fun and realistic play on the older generation with this funny child's old lady wig. Lastly, we offer a more traditional styled wig: a grey hair in a bun wig. A very light and versatile wig that could be used for everyday play!








Kids Balding Wig     /     Kids Aunt Gertie Wig    /    Kids Old Lady Wig       



If you're just not into the wig thing, don't fret! You can still make the look work with some colored hairspray. There are the classic white and grey or silver, or if you are going for a Golden Girls look there is gold and glitter gold










Colored Hairspray / Glitter Hairspray



It sure is hard to look like an adult with a baby face, huh? Well, there is only thing that can change your age within seconds...a mustache! Try the grey or black mustache for this theme; or many different colors and styles on

      Gentlemans Moustache - Various Colors



  Winchester Mustache                                            Southern Gent Mustache        


These accessories are just a that finishing touch you need to really top off 100th Day Costume. 

Canes! The white or black canes are in pieces that you simply assemble by threading the pieces together. If you assemble all the parts together, the canes are 68" tall. We suggest only using two or three pieces together to make this kid size!




White Cane                             Black Cane


You cannot complete the look without Grandma's expensive pearls! These beaded faux pearl bracelet, necklace, and earrings may not be the real deal, but they certainly look the part.                            




  Earrings        /     Necklace     /      Bracelet



If you prefer a costume, here are of selection of kids' costumes pertaining to this theme. There is a boy's Little Old Man costume that comes with a costume shirt with an attached plaid bow tie, plaid pants, and balding headpiece, in sizes extra small, small, and medium. The cane and glasses are sold separately. For the girls, is the Lil' Granny costume that comes with the floral printed dress, matching headscarf, and pink hair rollers, in sizes toddler, small, medium, and large.





Little Old Man Costume                                              Lil' Granny Costume


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